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February 7, 2014

Lauryn Hill is ME
Lauryn Hill is YOU!
Lauryn Hill is a woman and isn’t that the problem?
We want her to be more.
To be Better.
To be Different.
But she isn’t.
She’s simply a woman,Lauryn-Hill-lauryn-hill-60400_593_768
Who we made a goddess.

Was that fair to us?
Was that fair to her?
Who knows.
But what we do know is…
Lauryn Hill is us.
And we are Lauryn Hill.

I see her and I get angry.


Why be angry at a woman I once admired, hell maybe even worshipped, and definitely loved.


Because when our idols fall,
All we’re left with
Are cracked pieces of the mirror
That reflect our own inadequacies
Pain .

We expected more from Lauryn.
We wanted more from Lauryn.
We needed more from Lauryn.
She needed more from us.

Lauryn Hill is just a woman.
Lauryn Hill is us.
And we are Lauryn Hill.


English: Publicity photo from Good Times. Pict...

English: Publicity photo from Good Times. Pictured are John Amos (James) and Esther Rolle (Florida). This was for the premiere of the show. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When did fatherhood become a job with an exit clause? What happened to the James Evans Sr.’s, Cliff Huxtables and  D.L. Hughleys? These were men that valued and understood the importance of fatherhood. Far too often when a relationship goes sour, men check out of their parental duties as quickly as they abdicate their relational ones. While a woman and her children are frequently referred to as a package deal, should this concept apply to the father of her children as well? I think not! The end of a romantic relationship should never signify the end of a parenting one. Children are the beautiful results of our adult decisions. They don’t ask to be born but they require to be cared for. As we celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, let’s tip our hats to all the men that wake up
everyday striving to provide a better life for their children. The men willing to do any and everything possible to make sure their children are fed, clothed and sheltered. The men who don’t make excuses but create opportunites. Remember when James Evans Sr. on the TV show Good Times, picked up his pool stick in a last ditch effort to put food on the table. Despite his wife’s protest, James did what he knew he had to do! This is the type of fatherhood that we need today. Make no mistake about it, the community as a whole suffers when fatherhood fails. The evidence is all around us. So let’s all take a moment to reflect on the words of the immortal Tupac Shakur “If we don’t we’ll have a race of babies that will hate the ladies that make the babies.” (Keep Ya Head Up 1993)


Back to the ‘Hood

June 4, 2013

What would happen if all Black people moved back to the ‘hood? How come when we “make it”; when we achieve some modicum of success or financial reward, the first thing we do is MOVE?

 We fought for years to integrate, but what we really did was abdicate! Abdicate responsibility for our community. Instead of having the courage to make our own community better, we threw in the towel and high-tailed it to someone else’s community that was already “better.”

 The problems facing our community (crime, drugs, and poverty) will never get solved if those of us best qualified or able to solve them keep leaving.

 Prior to the Civil Rights Movement, we lacked the economic means and political power to create a community that was truly “separate but equal.” Separate, yes; equal, no way!

 Now, we have more Black doctors, lawyers, teachers, accountants, entrepreneurs, business executives, and politicians than ever before. Our combined wealth could power a small country. So why not pool our resources and knowledge into rebuilding our community?

 We could create neighborhoods that far exceed those we are fleeing to. We could take back our schools that are failing and our children that are floundering. We could revitalize our businesses and create new ones. We could renovate our homes and build bigger ones.

 So let’s pack up the U-Hauls and move back to the ‘hood. Our community needs us. And whether we realize it or not…we need our community!


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April 10, 2013


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F*** Feminism

April 7, 2013

Huisvrouw met mattenklopper / Housewife with c...

Huisvrouw met mattenklopper / Housewife with carpet-beater (Photo credit: Nationaal Archief)

My friends and I agree on many things but there is one thing in which we disagree. While many of them want a man that will equally share the tasks of family life and finances.  I am of the mindset that equality is overrated! Call me traditional, call me old-fashioned, call me Johnson’s daughter (cuz maybe that’s where my ideas originate) but I want a man to take care of me…totally!

As a woman I believe I am entitled to all the care and pampering a man can offer. Let him provide a home for me. Let him put food on the table. Let him put clothes on my back. Let him “wear the pants” in the family! Sure I can do all of that for myself; but that’s the point…why should I if I have him?

So ladies, I say trade in those pants, keep on your skirts and tie on an apron. Let him worry about the finances, bills and budget. And we can catch up on our beauty sleep. So that when he comes home exhausted after a long, hard day at work, we can welcome him with a clean house, a home cooked meal and even a fresh baked “cookie” for dessert!

Come on ladies, what do you say?


Single Mothers

April 4, 2013

A pregnant woman

A pregnant woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For every single mother, bitter and angry at the man who eagerly partook in the process of creating life, but readily abandoned the responsibility for taking care of life….I say this: Unless you were raped, you didn’t have to give up the cookie (i.e. coochie, p*ssy, vagina, c*nt)!

 Women if we want the right to choose life…then we must live with the consequences when we choose it.  And not EXPECT a man to live with it too. I daresay that if we taught GIRLS that the responsibility for having and raising kids would fall squarely on their shoulders, then WOMEN would think more carefully before they got pregnant!

Who is your Puppeteer?

April 3, 2013

Puppets on a string

Puppets on a string (Photo credit: ER-Photography)

Despite how independent you may think you are, we all have somebody pulling the strings! That person may be a lover or a friend, a parent or even a child, but we all have someone. That person may not even be in your life anymore…but their words still echo in your mind and control your actions.

Part of growing up is accepting the influence that the people we love have on us. But the other part of growing up is deciding how much influence we will allow them to exert over us.  For whether we want to admit it or not, there will always be somebody pulling the strings. It’s just that now…. we get to decide who that someone will be!



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